Processing Plant Installation
Labor time tracking accuracy


For a very large construction site and for their biggest customer, this contractor was experiencing large amounts of waste in the time keeping and reconciliation process. Time was being charged to the wrong codes or not being charged at all. The result was inaccurate billing and lost revenue.


  1. Mistake proofed the entrance and flow of labor to the site
  2. Placed visual displays at the appropriate locations
  3. Created exception reports
  4. Stopped time card batching and balanced the workload for card reviews


  • Reduced missing card scans by 42%
  • Time card errors cut in half
  • $1,300,000 annual lost revenue captured

Concrete Precast Panels
Quality Improvement


Precast concrete panels were poor quality. The repairs and repours were impacting lead times and overall on-time job completions.


  1. Designed and built new forms
  2. Implemented inspection at the appropriate phases
  3. Aligned expectations of all parties involved for consistent definition of quality
  4. Introduced standard metrics and accountability


  • Lead-time cut from 2 weeks to less than 1 week
  • Average defects per panel cut from 14 to 1
  • Annual hard cost savings of $368,000

Some of the other construction/utility projects we have supported:



  • Lead-times for communication equipment installations
  • Backlog of cable installations
  • Design time for pipe configurations
  • Close-out time for service installations
  • Time and errors during project commissioning phase
  • Billing cycle time for cost plus jobs
  • Overall costs associated with purchase cards
  • Cold joints in concrete structures


  • Order and deliver of special order parts
  • Safety, inventory turns and visual appearance for material storage yard
  • Schedule accuracy for General Contractors
  • Quality of concrete wall sections
  • Time card and reporting accuracy for large construction site
  • Pipe welding productivity
  • Utility truck layouts for efficient flow
  • Quality of design and scope of work

Faster and more efficient:

  • Installation of home security systems
  • Accounts payable for consumed goods
  • Review and acceptance of job submittals
  • Trench and backfill work for underground utilities


  • Work order accuracy for utility disconnects
  • Profits through more effective construction estimations
  • Customer satisfaction by reduced lead-time of tank deliveries
  • Overall business performance through standard strategic planning