Why ProgressivEdge, Inc.?


Why Choose ProgressivEdge, Inc.?

ProgressivEdge, Inc. has many years of experience applying Lean Six Sigma obtaining quantifiable results on real problems with real solutions. There are many reasons to choose ProgressivEdge, Inc. for your training and implementation needs:

Learning Format

Start with the basics and build from there. Training is fun and interactive.


Years of experience are provided as ProgressivEdge, Inc. instructors and consultants have applied Continuous Improvement in a variety of industries. There is a very practical and immediate application. In the words of one student, Jackie Werth, “Direct, applied, and pragmatic is how I would describe the Lean Six Sigma training I received from Ric Van Der Linden (at ProgressivEdge).”

Complete Program 

Utilize DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control) model with integrated Lean Six Sigma; many additional Continuous Improvement skills are taught, as well as a variety of tools (files and concepts).


Friendly, welcoming, understanding, good listeners, helpful and effective. Individual Instructors can work strategically and tactically.


Workbooks are easy to understand, easy to reference when needed later, and well organized. Simple and user friendly software.


Continuing Education Units can be provided on request


We are already set up with a Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) code: #4ZFL7.