Government/Public Service


CAGE Code #4ZFL7


Police Department
Faster Review and Approval of Investigations


The review and approval process for investigations took too long and was more costly than desired. In addition, the long process placed undue fear on those being investigated. There was an overall lack of trust in the system.


  1. Implemented new scheduling protocol
  2. Integrated pre-investigation brainstorming and reviews
  3. Reconfigurations of software and web portal
  4. Began using control charts to monitor


  • Lead-time cut from 9 days to 4 days
  • Processing costs cut by 50%
  • Improved confidence in the system


Distribution of Military Supplies
Improving distribution accuracy and timeliness



Mission readiness was directly impacted by the quality issues seen in the distribution of supplies. Damaged goods, misroutes, late deliveries and wrong quantities were all concerns from those in need of the supplies.


  1. Implemented kanbans and visual controls
  2. Applied 5S
  3. Began using new request forms
  4. Frequent and scheduled reviews and reporting of status
  5. Design of Experiment (DOE) to identify factor interactions impacting inventory


  • Error rate before was 1.5% now less than 0.35%
  • Customer complaints cut by 50%
  • $440,000 hard savings (less lost shipments)


Some of the other government/public service projects we have supported:



  • Turn in time of military supply items
  • Food delivery costs throughout school district
  • Lead-time for change orders
  • Transportation costs for military supplies
  • Errors and lead-time in purchasing process at local government
  • Paper consumption and storage space at multi-location agency
  • Costs associate with equipment maintenance and repair
  • Repair costs for public works
  • Absenteeism of school bus drivers
  • Overall costs to the lease contracts process



  • Availability and accuracy of supply delivery to military range
  • Mission planning efficiency
  • Speed and accuracy of change requests
  • Productivity and quality of cost accounting
  • Accuracy and timeliness of military supply distributions
  • Desktop computer refurbish and upgrade process
  • Project selection and completion rate for county


Faster and more efficient:

  • Surveillance of defense contractor
  • City water shutdowns for system maintenance
  • Police department investigation review and approval process
  • Administrative services in military supply chain
  • On boarding process for city employees
  • Information Technology support services
  • Travel reimbursement process



  • Effectiveness and productivity of the employee evaluation process
  • Student through put for new recruits
  • Speed and accuracy of new vendor contracts
  • Equipment utilization in public schools