Other Services


Insurance Company
Faster and more efficient processing of claims


A great deal of variation was seen across the many Claims Representatives (CR’s) and Claims Processors (CP’s). As a result, lead-times were long and quality was not at the desired standard. Customers wanted faster payments and the insurance company wanted to reduce operating expenses.


  1. Re-aligned responsibilities of the CR’s and CP’s
  2. Modified the evaluation forms
  3. Changed the process sequence
  4. Set standards and trained across the whole organization


  • Lead-time was 4 days and is now 1 to 2 days
  • Reduced stress and improved employee morale
  • Annual soft/hard savings of $270,000



Architectural Firm
Improving the RFP process


The RFP (Request for Proposal) process involves many departments throughout the firm which translates into many hand-offs back and forth. Currently there are high costs associated with RFPs and the lead-times are too long.


  1. Created a supermarket for incoming RFP’s
  2. Re-established quality standards at phases of the RFP process
  3. Re-sequenced the process steps
  4. Used 5S to improve flow


  • 37% reduction in process (touch) time
  • 56% reduction in the overall lead-time
  • Rolled complete and accurate was 0%, now it is 63%
  • Number of steps before was 107 and now it is 73
  • $433,000 annual soft/hard savings
  • $8,600,000 added revenue capture



Some of the other service projects we have supported:


  • Capital investment firm time to intake a new client
  • Job placement service source time to fill open positions
  • Food redistribution service operating expenses
  • Hazardous Material service lead-time to dispose of materials
  • Hotel chain supply costs
  • Property management vacancy rates


  • Engineering Liaison third party accuracy of proposals
  • Design service data base lead-time and quality
  • Ship refurbishing labor efficiency
  • Defense systems support order entry process accuracy

Faster and more efficient:

  • Insurance claims processing
  • Community service information technology implementations
  • Real estate loan processing
  • Closing of monthly financials
  • Architectural firm RFPs (request for proposals)


  • Insurance underwriter’s efficiency
  • Retail store revenue through new layout and increased customer satisfaction
  • Refurbishing service accuracy and timeliness of billing
  • Logistics and storage service productivity
  • Web marketing effectiveness
  • Cold storage service capacity and space
  • Collections agency cash and return rate